In the criminal process, a request must be made on the crown’s office to properly prepare a defense or position for your case. You may have to appear several times to acquire what is needed to proceed on your matter. Be patient. If we do not have full disclosure or if there is a lack of clarity on a critical issue in your matter you will have to return another day.  In short, your matter will be remanded.

The Crown’s office or the Public Prosecution’s office for federal matters is given the responsibility of prosecuting you on the alleged allegations. Upon receiving all the necessary disclosure related to your matter, a worthwhile discussion on the facts, strengths and weaknesses of the crown’s case can occur. This is meeting is known as the Crown Pretrial. During this meeting, the Crown will indicate whether they are going to proceed or whether they agree that there is no reasonable prospect of conviction on the allegations put forward by the investigating officers. Also during the Crown Pretrial, a trial estimate will be canvassed based on the number of witnesses and the number of issues that will be argued during the trial. If your charges are very serious a Judicial Pre-trial may be necessary.


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