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At this point our firm will have the material to file an Application on your behalf. The documents will be filed with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the opposing party (the ‘Respondent’) will be served by the Tribunal.


Once all the necessary forms have been filed, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal will asses the completeness, whether the complaint falls with in the Tribunal’s legal jurisdiction, duplication of complaint, and possible deferral in the event you have a another claim on the same issue in the courts.

The Tribunal will then serve the respondent and provide them with 35 days to respond to your claim. Once the Tribunal receives the response, they will forward it back to our law office. At this time we will have 10 days to draft a response to the respondent’s claim.

Depending on the circumstances, our office may elect to have mediation where all parties will attend to discuss a possible resolution. At this current moment, mediations are being heard within 60 days. In some circumstances Mr. Bogle may see fit to either opt out of the mediation process and go straight to hearing for strategic reasons.

If the respondents do not consent to mediation, the Tribunal will have a conference call where they will determine what the legal issues are.

If the Tribunal determines that a possible resolution cannot be reached at this stage and that such legal issues need to be heard at a hearing the Tribunal will then set a date for a hearing. The Hearing length will vary from case to case. No set time frame can be allocated for hearings, because of the complexity of the law.
If successful at the hearing, the Tribunal may make an order to prevent further violation of the Human Rights Code and/or award damages.


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