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  To assess and begin your Human Rights claim our firm will need the following questions answered:

A) Did these events happen in Ontario?
If the events did not occur in Ontario, the Tribunal may not be able to deal with your application. In most cases, the Code applies only to discrimination that happened in Ontario.

B) In what city or town?
If the discrimination happened in more than one place, the name of each place must be provided.

C) What was the date of the last event or incident of discrimination?
In most cases, you must file your application within one year of the date on which the event happened, or if there were a series of events, within one year of the last event. The Tribunal may extend this time if you have a good reason for filing late, such as being in the hospital or jail, or not finding out about the discrimination until more than a year had passed.

D) If you have a good reason for filing late,
Your reason for applying late will be assessed

E) What Happened
You will be asked to provide the details of the occurrence and the parties involved.

F) How did the Events you Described Affect You?
Explain how the discrimination affected you (financial, social, health, or other).

For example:
If you lost money or income because of the discrimination, give details.
If your emotional or mental health suffered, describe this problem and how it affected you.
If you lost an opportunity (such as a promotion or new apartment) because of the discrimination, explain how.

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