This is the first critical issue in any criminal process. It is also referred to as a SHOW CAUSE HEARING or officially as a JUDICIAL INTERIM RELEASE hearing. If you, a family member or friend is arrested on a charge and the police do not release the subject from the station, getting in contact with my office or

with duty counsel is of the utmost importance.

A Bail Hearing is the process whereby you are held in custody by the police and brought before a Justice of the Peace or Judge within 24 hours of arrest. If the person is not brought forward within that time span for whatever reason, rest assured that the Law Office of Jason E. Bogle is able to bring an application to bring you or your loved one immediately before the court. This is known as a Habeus Corpus Application.

At a bail hearing ,a Judge or Justice of the Peace will decide whether or not a person charged with an offence should be released or held in custody pending trial. Having proper representation and a program of supervision is very important. Without a proper program and suitable “surety”, a person could be waiting in custody between 6-8 months awaiting trial. We make sure we prepare you or those closest to for the uneasy task of testifying and arranging a proper program of supervision. Follow the proceeding steps and contact my office if ever you or someone you know should find themselves in this position.

What if the Bail Hearing is Not Successful?

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