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Initial Investigation of your Claim:
Your claim is an investment of your trust and money. It is also our firm’s commitment to successfully bring your claim forward. The civil process cannot begin until we have outlined the facts of your case. What occurred? Who was involved? When did it occur? Do you possess any documents to substantiate your claim? After our firm has reviewed your information we will arrange a consultation with a member of our firm to discuss with you personally the merits of your claim.

During the consultation, a member of our firm will discuss with you why we believe you do or do not have a claim against the offending party. To streamline the meeting we request you submit an electronic Civil Intake Form prior to the meeting. If your form is not submitted your meeting will be cancelled. After a meeting with a member of our firm we will ask if you to be prepared to sign a copy of our Retainer Agreement, sign a Letter of Authorization, and make a cash deposit. Certified cheques and Paypal are accepted. This will provide our firm with all of the necessary documentation to generate an opinion on your case and get started right away. Our firm cannot accept each and every case, therefore it is important that you be clear, honest, and detailed.

Meetings will be scheduled by appointment only. Understand that our firm focuses predominantly on litigation and our time is spent in the courtroom. If we are unable to assist you in your matter we will direct you to someone who can assist.
Formalizing our Arrangement:
No work will begin until a formal retainer agreement has been signed. If you fail to comply with the arrangements within the agreement, a letter and invoice will be sent to your last known address and payment for all the work that was completed on your file up to and including the date of the invoice will be due within 30 days.
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