Breaches of the Ontario Human Rights Code would include:
You cannot be discriminated against in getting and keeping a job, promotion, or a raise. You cannot be discriminated against in your working conditions or in workplace discipline. You have the right to be free from harassment in the workplace.

For example, you cannot be sexually harassed at work.
The Code protects you in your “occupancy of accommodation” – the place where you live or want to live. This means, for example, you cannot be discriminated against in renting your home. You cannot be evicted on discriminatory grounds. You have the right to be free of harassment because of a Code ground by building management or other tenants.

For example, a landlord cannot deny you an apartment because you are an Aboriginal person.
Goods, services and facilities:
You have the right to be free from discrimination when buying a product or getting a service, or using a building or facility that is open to the public. This includes equal treatment and freedom from harassment in privately-owned services or facilities, such as stores, restaurants and theatres. It includes public services and facilities, such as police services, schools, education, health care, public transit, and government programs.

For example, a police officer cannot discriminate against you because you are Muslim.

The Code protects you from discrimination in both written, oral (spoken) or signed (in the case of sign language) contracts. It covers all types of contracts, such as buying a house or a business.

For example, a condo corporation cannot refuse to sell you a condo because you have children.

Every person has the right to equal treatment in membership of a union, a trade or occupational association, or a self-governing profession.

For example, a union cannot refuse you membership because you are a woman.
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